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    Hi Questy-dudes

    There was a bit of a frustrating hold up with the book, but the dust-jacket is now finished (and looks rather spiffing spiffing too; carrying quotes by Andrew Collins, Paul Broadhurst and Nicholas Mann) and the printers start work on it next week. All being well it should be available in 3 to 4 weeks.

    Meanwhile I have created a small art gallery of six of my favourite illustrations that I drew for the book, see here

    Cheers (now I’m off to finish painting the design for this year Quest Con flyers (promised it to Andy a week ago! Oooops ;o)


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    I really am quite fed up with the whole theme as a whole.

    1; that Sangreal even means ‘blood royal’ is meaningless as it is many chinese whispers of errors from the original ‘Graal’

    2; I believe that the Prieure de Sion was all Plantards invention.

    3; There is no great secret ‘person’ that the vatican couldn’t assissinate if it reallty wanted to.

    4; If Mary and Jesus had offspring (and I suspect they did) then their great great great great etc… ‘grandchildren’ would now number in their thousands.

    5; we are all of divine blood. I believe all souls are equal.

    The only saving grace of this type of movie is that it helps to pull apart the Catholic church, which, for crimes against humanity over the past 1500 years, is a good thing.

    Thie film doesn’t interest me and I thought the Da Vincie Code film was rubbish.

    Just my tuppence worth

    :o )

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    Got the hang of that google map now. what an amazing gadget, brilliant!


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    Each side of the Somerset Parallelogram is 11 miles in length. with a ‘St Michael church’ at each corner: on the mump, the tor, at north cadbury (just off Cadbury Castle) and a St Michaels Hill, just next to Hamdon.

    Below Hamdon hill is the church of Stoke Sub Hamdon which has the three fire signs of the zodiac carved into its entrance. just a few miles from Cadbury is the site of the somerset Templar preceptory of Templecombe where the templecombe head is depicted framed by a zodiacal parallelogram. At the centre of the Glastonbury Zodiac (until 1901) lived the Hood family, apparently the origin of the surname ‘Hood’ means ‘head’!

    The centre of the parallelogram is a crossroad called ‘ashen cross’, the coat of arms of the Hood family is a parallelogram crossed through by a St Andrews Cross. Next to ashen cross is Midney Farm (which seems to imply ‘middle’)

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    Just a quick apology.

    When I put the parallelogram article into the Temple booklet. the editor asked me if I would take my webpage down. So that it was eclusive to the booklet; which I have done. That said, the article in the booklet is much more indepth than the webpage was. When the current issue is ‘old news’ I’ll re-build a proper webpage.

    Perceval, really interesting responses there. Please note that the diagrams in the Temple booklet are not accurate, they are just ‘rough guides’ purely just to illustrate what I am talking about. The actual somerset parallelogram isn’t such a perfect ‘diamond’.

    Your Google Map is really interesting but I can only see it as a flat rectangle, can it be made to fill the whole screen?

    Nicholas Mann’s corners are,

    1; the church on Burrow Mump
    2; the summit of the Tor
    3; Queen Anne’s Well, Cadbury
    4; the northern tip of Hamdon Hill’s neolithic fort.

    I’ll scan his map for you.

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    Simon, that’s very kind of you, thanks


    in reply to: Site Alignments – 11 mile measurements #2367

    It is frustrating. One desires to prove these things to acadamia so accuracy is desired. But then how perfect do the ancients need to be?

    Yes, I am as relaxed as you, but I’ve been having these types of debates lately.

    I am still astounded that the Bluestones of Stonehenge were transported 250 miles. lol. If it was just about ‘structure’ then any stone would do. The desire for these Bluestones must therefore imply a ‘value’ other than ‘structure’, be it mineral, acoustics, vibrations, religion or whatever?

    Back to this 11 mile thing. It is, I believe, how John Michelle discovered the ‘Michael Line’, from Burrow Mump to the Tor is 11 miles, project onwards another 11 miles and you reach ‘Stoke St Michael’!

    St. Michaels at Burrow Mump, 11 miles to St Michaels on the Tor, another 11 miles to Stoke St Michael. Three St. Michaels in a row, 11 miles apart (the central hub of the Michael Line!) I’ve done an article on this in the latest copy of the Temple booklet (issue 10) … o%2010.htm

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    Nicholas Mann, in his book ‘Glastonbury Tor’, says all four sides of the Somerset Parallelogram are 11 miles in length,

    “… all lines conform to this measure from the points selected with an accuracy of about one percent or 200 yards… “

    I have not checked it myself. I am quite content for there to be much margin of error in great landscape designs; I think its forgivable… if the entire ‘Michael Line’ is not a rigid straight line, I dont really care, its straight enough to not be ignored… and what is the width of a ‘line’? According to Paul Braodhurst, Hamish Miller dowsed the Michael line as being up to 50 yards in width in some places!!! it fluctuates. Braodhurst refers to the Michael Line as being a ‘corridor’ of sites rather than a ‘straight’ line

    Do we really insist that medieval people and ancient people be accurate to the nearest millimeter with their designs?

    in reply to: SWORDS OF MEONIA #2363

    The Swords are fascinating

    They seem to have their own agenda.

    When the first one was found, the psychic info (Joanna Sessions) said NOTHING about there being more than even one of these swords, the first was just a ‘dowsing rod’ to find the green stone.

    I’m led to believe that Marion Sunderland was really very dismissive about the other swords that turned up, believing that ‘only the first one’ embodied the original excalibur spirit of Gwevaraughs sword.

    The two swords found at Milton Keynes were found by ‘non meonia questers’ so too, the two swords found in Coventry. Only the 6th and 7th swords were found by Andy & Co.

    In all fairness, Andy’s quest to find 7 swords, was true and genuine to the psychic info that he was being given at that time… (I think of the ‘Oracle’ in the Matrix movies, she tells you what you need to hear (not neccesarily the ‘truth’)) haha.

    For sure, there are many more than 7 swords and I have still yet to hear a proven theory of their original origin. To me they have a certain Scottish Masonic Lodge type feeling about them. I like the idea that some 18th or 17th century Lodge is sending them into the future to our ‘present day’. But to what ends and what purpose!?

    Damned if I know. But they certainly seem to make things happen.

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    I voted for the middle option. Be seen by all but make people join if they want to comment (then you can also ban people should they start flaming or spamming etc

    Public is good… I’m all for anything that makes Michael embaressed! :o )

    (We all say things that we often later change our minds about… its good to be simple and honest, and ‘open’)

    in reply to: Hello all #2268

    Hello June

    Welcome to the forum.

    I was there on the day too, selling some greeting cards. Richard did well with his second hand books; I only took a bit of money (but then, I was going to be there anyway, so selling a few things, to me, was just a litlle perk.

    Its very difficult to make money from writing. You just have to keep pushing the grindstone year after year. For sure, Andy has had many highs and lows. ‘Ashes of Angels’ did well for him, ’21st century grail’ was a flop!

    Just keep at it; sometimes you just need to get your name around and let the grapevine do the rest; that can take a while.

    in reply to: Glastonbury Zodiac Movie #2264

    Thanks for your support guys; its really appreciated.

    Ross, (In my best Captain Picard impersonation) “Make it so”

    I sincerely believe that the act of putting ones research discoveries into the outer world, opens up more room inside you for more discoveries… keep it all flowing.

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    I was speaking to a friend today who said he’d heard that if the right leg crosses over the left it means the knight had been on 1 crusade and if the left crossed over the right, it means he’d been on 2 crusades…

    … again, my friend said that he didn’t know if there was any factual evidence for this, just a theory he’d heard.

    It reminds me of the Hanged Man tarot card, he usually has a leg crossed over they other, too.

    Also I think the floor effigies at the Temple in London, all have crossed legs, so that is probably why some people think it a Templar thing, but I don’t think its specifically Templar in origin.

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    Not a crusader? What’s a monk doing with a shield and sword?

    in reply to: Selby Abbey #2256

    Nice pics Simon,

    Regarding knight effigies with crossed legs (I dont know if there is any rigid dogma to this) but I’ve been under the belief that the crossed legs didn’t specifically mean a Templar, but that the crossing of the legs meant that this knight had been on Crusade, ‘taken the Cross’ to the Holy Lands

    …but I’m not sure how factual that is either, just a notion I’d been lead to have in my head.

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