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Journal Software Review

One of the things that comes out strongly when talking to any veteran quester is the need to keep a questing journal. Writing down intuitions, visions, dreams, ideas – even a basic summary of the day’s activities – appears to have two concrete results. Firstly it tells the mind that you are taking its promptings seriously and the mind typically responds by throwing out more and better. Secondly it provides a comprehensive record of your questing material which can be consulted and cross-referenced. Which brings us to journal software. Continue reading

Alchemy Lectures at University of Plymouth

The Peninsula Arts School is putting on a series of free lectures at the University of Plymouth entitled "Alchemy: the Art and Science of Transformation". The lectures are every Tuesday evening at 6.30pm in the Plymouth Lecture Theatre in the Portland Square Building on the plymouth campus of the university, from 7 February to 4 April.

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