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Secondhand Psychic Questing Books

Andrew Collins is obviously clearing out his house in preparation for the new year. He’s putting up for sale a large portion of his own library consisting of essential Earth Mysteries, Archaeology, Ancient History, Folklore and Mysticism reference books (many marked with Andrew’s own research notes).

The whole lot can be viewed on Richard Ward’s ManMythMagic site here:

On Andrew’s own site, he’s dropped the price on his psychic questing backcatalogue by 20%. I’m sure I was beaten for some of those old Earthquest news newsletters on eBay a couple of years ago at prices much higher than listed on Andrew’s website – so this looks a real bargain.

Again the full list can be found here:

Greg Little Articles

The always engaging Greg Little has had a couple of articles published which tie in with Andrew Collins’ recently-released The Cygnus Mystery.

The first, entitled "Has Andrew Collins Found the Entrance to the Hall of Records at Giza?" appears in Alternate Perceptions Magazine #106, while the second, "Have We Been Duped by the Supposed Correspondence Between Orion’s Belt and the Three Pyramids of Giza?", features in the subsequent edition of the same magazine.

Cara Louise Books

Finally, after months of deleting robot-submitted porn links, I have an unsolicited link that looks genuinely interesting. Many thanks to Cara Lousie for sending details of her fascinating website featuring books for children whose stories include elements of Psychic Questing (amongst other esoteric themes).

The website link is:

Click on the "Read More…" link to find out more details of Cara Louise’s site or access it via the "Web Links" section of this site.

If anyone has read any of the books it would be great to get a review posted. Continue reading

More from the Bloodline Folk

Another update from the folk at Bloodline Productions. When I got the first link I visited their site and had neither technical issues nor requests to part with money so I’m not sure what they’re referring to below. Maybe there was a section of the site that I didn’t notice sitting behind a paywall. Anyway, perhaps another opportunity to check out the movie clips. What I saw looked 80% familiar and 20% fascinating (the recent finds in France – near Rennes-Le- Chateau?).

Here’s the full email:

"We thank those of you who have been to our site to view the clips from the film and apologize for any technical problems you may have had. We decided to remedy the situation by providing free access. That should alleviate any problems with viewing.

Please visit us at to see clips from *BLOODLINE*, now available for viewing at no cost. We do hope you enjoy them.

Thank you for your continuing interest. It is most appreciated.

Best wishes,

Bloodline Producers "