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Psychic Questing – Wiki Article

I realised recently that there was no entry for psychic questing  on Wikipedia so, in an attempt to be helpful and spread the word, I’ve taken a stab at drafting an entry.  My efforts can be seen here (at least until they get removed by a moderator) and it would be great if you all had a look and made whatever edits you felt necessary (that is the beauty of the Wiki).


A dedicated team of amateur super sleuths and religious detectives has finally broken the codes of the Da Vinci secrets and the Holy Grail. A team of 9 researchers including Duncan Burden from Priory Publications in Lowestoft, are about to launch a revolutionary book that will rewrite the fundamental foundation of all religions, revealing and authenticating the most important secret in the history of creation. Combining restricted religious documents, historical artifacts and a trail of coded evidence, this book will assist the readers to discover for themselves the hidden key that will unlock the mystery of the Holy Grail. Intrigue and speculation has surrounded the book, Maranatha, due for release 29th October 2005. This book will unveil true historical facts linked to a series of encoded clues, for within its pages there is a secret, which has been protected for more than a thousand years by some of the most powerful people in the world. The value of this prize has cost the lives of many who have strayed in its path, for it is the key to the greatest treasures known to the world. Continue reading