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The Templars’ head and the Templecombe panel painting revealed

Hello there! You’ve featured my work in the past – The Lincoln Cathedral Da Vinci Code (an actual Code at the Gothic Cathedral) and how it amalgamates with the parchments and mystery of Rennes-le-Chateau…I’d like now if you could share my latest findings which reveals the head the Knights Templar held secret, and the puzzling Panel painting at Templecombe, Somerset, which held the clue. Please visit the feature at:

[Webmaster’s note – I love the punchline to this story – you’ll have to read the article above to find out what I mean.  Also for a recap of all "Dan Green’s" investigations to date you should definitely check out the "17 Questions with Dan Green" article on Andy Gough’s website – ]

‘The Sacred Quest’ Book

Here’s a marketing ploy I haven’t seen before – by buying (or pre-ordering to be precise) a copy of this new book on their website ( ) before the 30th September 2007, you become an Ether Founder Member. And then "once Ether Publishing and Ether Music Productions reach a certain size in terms of post tax profit, 10% of the company’s post tax profits will be made available to and distributed equally amongst the Founder Members. This will be gifted on an ongoing and annual basis in recognition of the support of the Founder Members’ participation in the instigation of the companies."

Whether this is likely to result in any actual money coming your way I leave to your judgement. I suspect that many of the contributors to this site know how hard the publishing business can be and that they can fairly accurately assess the chances of being part of a big breakthrough bestseller.

All that marketing hype aside, however, the book itself looks like an interesting proposition. In what sounds like a postmodern Celestine Prophecy, "[a]s [the author] begins to write the book in full and follows implicitly her intuition, so the book quite literally manifests into reality around her as remarkable twists occur."

This theme ties in with the recent speculation of alternative quantum physicists such as Goswami that consciousness creates the universe around itself – a theme which has been echoed by the likes of Daniel Pinchbeck (whom I quote in relation to this elsewhere on this site) and Michael Glickman ("Thoughts seem to be effecting reality more than before.") Of course, this has long been the speculation of psychic questers (for example see the comments by Andrew Collins and Richard Ward concerning the brass box and the swords in the pQ Interview) so there’s no surprises for us there. However, it is interesting to see the view become more mainstream and perhaps, like the Da Vinci code before it, this book will hit public consciousness at just the right moment.


Back Issues of Lighthouse for sale on eBay

Just to highlight two items of interest to psychic questers currently on ebay there are two back issues of Lighthouse magazine currently up for sale on eBay.

The links are here:

Lighthouse Vol2, No.1

Lighthouse No.2

Highlights include the infamous psychic questing article "The Feast of Atargatis: (Four Go Mad at Brean Down)" by Paul Weston and some additional psychic material that has had to be left out of Alex Langstone’s new "Spirit Chaser" book due to editorial constraints.

Happy bidding!

Book Review: Gwyn by Yuri Leitch

“And did they get you to trade your heroes for ghosts?”

I’ve had to read this book twice before I reviewed it.

The first time I read it I was distracted by the quality of the production – from the glossy, vibrant layout of the pages to the integral artwork that crystalises and complements the subject matter of the book.


I couldn’t get out of my head that the author was Yuri the gracious and generous host; Yuri the stalwart supporter of this website. Yuri, who, for me, has been the self-effacing conduit between the old guard of Psychic Questing and the “new wave” of wannabes.

How, in all honesty, could I be objective about this book?

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