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Review: The Search for the Eye of Fire

This is a hard review for me to write because I am not in any way unbiased about this e-book.  I met Boyd down in Glastonbury in 2007 and we started chatting about how we fitted into the group and she explained how she had actually witnessed many of the events that were described in Graham Phillips’ book “The Eye of Fire”.  She mentioned that she had made and kept some notes and I was enthusiastic about knocking them into a publishable format.

Fast forward to today and these notes have found their way into a wonderful personal account of the Eye of Fire adventure. Be warned: this is not a rewrite of the original book. In fact it had been so long since I had read EoF that I had to go back and read it again to refresh my memory of the sequence of events.

Where the original was melodramatic and slightly frenzied, Boyd’s account is deeply personal, more measured and more reflective. Because of this both books actually stand well together as complementary rather than contradictory.  You feel reading Boyd’s account that it is less like a horror movie and more like a diary coming to life and it is all the more powerful for that.

I don’t want to say too much more. You need to read it for yourselves. Suffice to say that the writing style is very polished, quickly bringing those heady days back to life in your mind’s eye.  I very much suspect that Boyd’s account will become a fixed part of the questing canon and that future generations of questers will seek it out, not just for the unique perspective it offers on the EoF story, but because of the very practical questing techniques it contains.

Highly recommended.

Trickster and Psychic Questing Presentation

Here is my powerpoint presentation form the recent Questing Conference weekender at Avebury. Download here.

It was a great couple of days and there were some great (unrehearsed) correlations between the presentations with Trickster making several appearances. There was so much more I wanted to say but as it was I ran over by 7 minutes.

Although it’s in the Bibliography, I must to highlight the Doctor Quantum link. These are short YouTube videos geared to show the basics of Quantum Theory to children. I’m not proud and I freely admit that I found these extremely useful to illustrate the theories in way that my resistant brain could comprehend.

Lastly, if you have downloaded the presentation and are interested in some very major future developments, please sign up to the special Mailing List here:Subscribe to Special Event Mailing List You can find a little more information about the purpose of the list here: Special Mailing List Info

I hope you enjoy it!


Special Mailing List

After what has been described as the best Psychic Questing Weekender yet, I am planning something new and very big. However, in order to make it work I need, as a first step, to get as many of your email addresses as possible.

These will not, ever, be passed on to anyone else. In fact I will even be keeping these separate from the normal newsletter mailing list.

You can unsubscribe at any time. A permanent unsubscribe link is on the website and you will get reminders of this with any emails that get sent.

I know that many attendees at the Questing Weekender swapped details. Please pass this link to everyone you think may be interested so that they can subscribe.

You will not get many emails. Don’t worry if things go quiet; the plan is to unleash something new around Christmas-time but this cannot happen unless we get everyone with an interest in Questing signed up first.

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I hope you will join me and help create a stronger, more connected Questing community.

Many thanks, Simon Nugent

In Memorium, Bernard.

Anyone familiar with Andrew Collins’ psychic-questing publications will have heard of Bernard, quite possibly the most talented direct-information psychic that Andrew has ever worked with.  He is most well known to us from The Black Alchemist books and The Seventh Sword, but he also produced a great deal of other information which has enormously influenced the directions of Andrew Collins work, including the finding of the cave complex at Giza.


Sadly, Bernard died in his sleep at 01:30 on Tuesday 30 March 2010 at the age of 70.  He is survived by his wife, daughter and grandchildren.  You can read Andrew Collins’ tribute to him here:

Paul Weston has also written a piece about Bernard on his Avalonian Aeon blog here, which has a fantastic painting by Bernard adorning it:

As he ascends through the Empyrean Realms, let everyone who reads this raise a glass to this extraordinary man.

Discovery of Giza Underground Cave System on YouTube!

Andrew Collins has put together a short YouTube video that  provides the first glimpse of Giza’s cave underworld first recorded on March 3rd, 2008:

Fascinating stuff.  You can leave any comments and rate the video, and join the TeamHanash channel so that you’ll hear when the next video is released.  If you haven’t already read it, Andrew Collins’ website has the story of its discovery.  Click on News and scroll down – there is plenty on it, but I’d start by scrolling down to the Earthquest News for August 2009 (vol. 12, no.2).

Psychic Questing Weekender – Facebook Event

For those of you who use the Social Networking site Facebook, I’ve created an event for this year’s Psychic Questing Weekender.  It could be a good way of getting all those attending (who are on Facebook) in touch pre-conference and help with logistics (sharing lifts, etc.) or just suss out who else will be coming.  Here’s the link, hope it’s useful: 

Details of Psychic Questing Weekender 2009 Announced!

This was undoubtedly one of the Questing highlights of last year. Those of you who read my review will know that I was so buzzed up after it I actually got a speeding ticket (and I’m usually described as driving like a 90-year old granny). Anyway, details have been anounced by Andrew Collins of the plans for this year’s event. Make sure you get in there quickly as places are very limited.

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Bega and The Sacred Ring: Blogged!

"Bega and The Sacred Ring" is a classic Psychic Questing text which has, unfortunately, been out of print for many years. I’m glad to report that its author, Alex Langstone, is now serialising the entire book on his Psychic Questing website – Esoteric Explorer. It’s been running for a little while now so the Introduction, Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 are currently online.

I also wholehearedly recommend subscribing to Alex’s Spirit of Albion newsletter so that you will know when the following upcoming items appear:

  • From the archives of ASH Magazine, an interview with Andrew Collins (Black Alchemist era)
  • Details of the long awaited publication of brand new psychic questing book Spirit Chaser by Alex Langstone
  • Royston Cave Codex of the Templars decoded

    Hello all at PQ! For those who accept the Knights Templar as guardians of a great secret, then allow Dan Green to reveal the story recorded and cut into chalk in the walls of Royston cave, Hertfordshire, veiled in the ancient code now slowly becoming popularised as the ‘rabbit language’. His explanation can be found at; alternatively at;

    TEMPLE BRUER, Tresor cache of the Knights Templar

    Dan Green visits the remains of the Temple Bruer Preceptory, Lincolnshire, to show connexions with Rennes-le-chateau. Seems like somebody got there before him, as somebody has expertly removed two stone slabs from a wall to reveal a sealed cubby hole……wonder if they found anything? View the first ever Temple Bruer Youtube vid at;