Monthly Archives: May 2006

Andrew Collins Website Revamped

After much sweat and toil, the new version of Andy’s website has been released. You can still use the old URL but there is also a new one

It has a completely new look, is easier to navigate around and contains much new information about all his recent and near future activities. So go and check it out.

Thanks to Yuri (and Andy) for the info.

Meonia Stone

Anrew Collins has picked up on an interesting (and funny) item in Google’s The Da Vinci Code Quest, which is attracting millions of hits. Question Question 3, given out on the third day of the game, is:

The engraved tablet that is supposed to reveal the hiding place of the Holy Grail is called the:

1. Meonia Stone
2. Tabula rosa
3. Keystone
4. Rosetta Stone.

The answer being ‘keystone’.

After which it says:

‘Not a chess player? Try searching on Google for the answers you need.’

This means that thousands of people will be googling the term ‘Meonia stone’ and trying to find out what the hell it’s all about.

Free Gnostic Podcasts

BC Recordings, in association with The Gnosis Archive, have made a number of Stephan Hoeller’s lectures available for free download here –

These include meditations on such topical issues as The Gospel of Judas and his take on Da Vinci Code. He is an engaging speaker and these short lectures are well worthwhile if you have any interest in the Gnostic viewpoint. Indeed his talk on The Da Vinci Code serves as an excellent and often hilarious introduction to The Priory of Sion and all the subsequent works that owe a debt to these pranksters. However, while Dr Hoeller holds these up for ridicule, I couldn’t help thinking that the first people to suggest that Jesus survived the crucifixion were the Gnostics themselves.