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Can anyone see a face depicted on these orbs?

Hi. I went to St Nectan’s Glen recently and took a lot of pictures. Some had orbs and some didn’t. There is one picture that I find very strange. It is exactly the same photograph but taken twice. At the bottom of the picture there seems to be a smokey presence. I know that there was no smoke around me at all. And in the other picture that smokey presence is not to be seen. Strange but true. In the other pictures that I took you can clearly see a face inside the orb. To be quite honest it doesn’t look that pretty. It looks like half man, half beast. Thats my perception I will let you judge for yourselves. Anyway observe and see for yourself. Regards.

[Note from admin:  you can see Richard’s photographs here –]

Knights Templar Commemoration Event: Tickets Now Available

Oddvar Olsen at The Temple Booklet has been in touch to say that tickets are now available for the Knights Templar Commemoration event being held in Bristol on the 12-14th October.

The event, which starts on Friday evening and runs through until Sunday, features Yuri Leitch and Andrew Collins amongst its list of impressive speakers. Other familiar names (to this writer at least) include Paul Broadhurst, Tim Wallace-Murphy and Dr Helen Nicholson.

The timetable for the event is here: while extended information on the speakers and their topics can be found here:

This looks like being a fascinating weekend for anyone engaged in alternative studies but particularly for those with an interest in the Templars. Tickets and accomodation are likely to sell out quickly so potential attendees are encouraged to buy early.

Release of Bloodline the Movie Inches Ever Closer

The people at Bloodline the Movie continue their teaser marketing campaign (which I’m not at all convinced is deliberate but which has successfully piqued our interest here at The news section now has some very dramatic pictures which appear to be the main addition since I last looked at it. Well worth a look for anyone who is interested in Rennes-le-Chateau or Holy Blood, Holy Grail type intrigues.

As there seems every likelihood of more updates I have set up a forum post -> here <- and will keep this updated in future rather than using the front page. The forum post also contains a poll to see what you think of the film and its theme up to now – so get voting!

Andrew Collins on Dreamland and Coast to Coast AM

To tie in with the release of "The Cygnus Mystery" in the US, Andrew is appearing on a number of internet radio shows.

His next appearance is on Whitley Strieber’s Dreamland on Saturday 12th May. Once the show has been broadcast you should be able to get a podcast here: Do note that they only keep the last 4 weeks shows online so you’ll need to download prior to the 9th June (approximately).

Andrew also appeared on George Noory’s show last Monday to discuss the possible impact of the mysterious rays coming from Cygnus on the evolution of the human race. Andrew covered such topics as the Nephilim, DNA and the latest scientific discoveries regarding Cygnus.

The podcast from the show is hidden down a few levels but you should be able to get it directly from here: