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Bloodline Pt.2

The email says it all:

"Hi Everyone,

Just a quick follow-up email to say that there is an update on our news page. We have now revealed a photo with all of the contents of the wooden chest, which includes the glass vial, the ointment jar and a small conical cup.

There is also more detail on the analysis carried out at the British Museum, which has dated both objects from around the end of the 1st century BC to the 1st century AD—the time of Jesus and Mary Magdalene.

We have been told that these could be the actual objects used at their wedding. We’re tremendously excited about the find and will let you know more as our investigation continues.

Don’t forget to visit the CLIPS page on the site. After a few technical glitches in the first few days, everything now seems to be working well and your response has been fantastic.

Best Wishes,

The Producers"

Bloodline: The Movie

I must have signed up for this at some point – probably via Andy Gough’s website – although I don’t remember doing so. In any event it looks rather like a non-fiction version of "The Da Vinci Code" (not necessarily a bad thing but now running the risk of being stale) with the teaser of a possible underground crypt newly discovered.

The PR copy goes as follows: "We’re delighted to tell you that our website has been updated with a new trailer, new synopsis, new clips, and some of your comments to us.

We also have a new web address: .

Spread the word !


Rene Barnett Producer"

Anyway looks interesting and worth following so if I hear more I’ll post it. Anyone else know anything about it?

Lincoln Cathedral – Sacred Geometry

Callum Jensen is continuing his work of uncovering the significance of Lincoln Cathedral’s architecture which he began in his booklet "The Lincoln Da Vinci Code".

He has kindly sent an exclusive glimpse of his current findings.

I’m moving this information to its own thread in the forums as they seem to generate more discussion than the news stories.

Here’s the link to the topic: