Monthly Archives: March 2005

Book Release: Walkabout

Mark Patrick Hederman is a Benedictine monk from Glenstal Abbey in Ireland. For many years now he has been engaging in activities that bear more than a passing resemblance to Psychic Questing. Although the wrapper around them is firmly Christian, this should not distract you from an extremely interesting exercise in living your life as a permanent quest. A full review will follow but for the moment here’s the publisher’s notes: Continue reading

The Green Stone Tour 2005/QuestCon05

Andrew Collins has released details of two significant Psychic Questing events on his website: The Green Stone Tour 2005 and QuestCon05.

Both these events, being held on consecutive weekends at the end of October/start of November, are still some way off. However, with the current resurgence of interest in Psychic Questing you would probably be advised to check these out sooner rather than later. Continue reading