Monthly Archives: September 2005

Andrew Collins talks to NetTalkUK

From Andrew Collins website: Just to let you know that Andrew Collins will be live with online radio station Net Talk this Friday, 30 September at 11pm. The presenter is Ross Hemsworth, the show is called ‘Now That’s Weird’, and Andew will be talking about psychic questing, shamanism and the human mind It should be a lively affair, and so if you can take time out to have a listen … Continue reading

Simon, many thanks for the kind mention of my new business venture, After a few teathing problems the site is now fully up and running. There are over 500 books on all types of esoteric subjects, with prices from £2 upwards, so hopefully something for everyone!

New second-hand esoteric book service launched

Super-psychic and veteran quester Richard Ward (see the forum section for Richard’s introduction) is about to launch an online site called Man, Myth and Magic which will support the buying and selling of second-hand books in areas from Psychic Questing to Herbalism.

The site is planned to go live on Friday 16th September and maybe Richard can post some more information here when it is up and running.

We wish him all the best with this venture.