Giza & The Collins Caves: The Debate Continues

Following on from Supernaturalist’s earlier post, this latest communication from Andrew Collins takes the Big Z to task for claiming to know that the caves existed when he really didn’t (or did but is wishing to downplay their importance).  It looks like an argument that will run and run.






Dr Zahi Hawass, secretary general of Egypt’s Supreme Council of Antiquities, has now issued an official statement on what he calls “Collins’ Cave Discovery”. See


It was something that I had been expecting for some days.


However, what I read was unbelievable. Although Dr Hawass describes in some detail what we refer to as the Tomb of the Birds, in which the caves are to be found, there is nothing in what he says to convince me or anyone else that he had prior knowledge of the caves we entered and recorded for the first time in March 2008. In fact, there are a number of factual errors in his statement, which are inexcusable, and imply that he knows less than he is letting on. These are brought out in separate statements issued by myself and Nigel Skinner-Simpson, the two principal researchers involved in the cave discoveries. See below for my response and for Nigel’s.


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Discovery of Giza Underground Cave System on YouTube!

Andrew Collins has put together a short YouTube video that  provides the first glimpse of Giza’s cave underworld first recorded on March 3rd, 2008:

Fascinating stuff.  You can leave any comments and rate the video, and join the TeamHanash channel so that you’ll hear when the next video is released.  If you haven’t already read it, Andrew Collins’ website has the story of its discovery.  Click on News and scroll down – there is plenty on it, but I’d start by scrolling down to the Earthquest News for August 2009 (vol. 12, no.2).

Andrew Collins on Whitley Streiber’s Dreamlands

Andrew Collins is a reasonably frequent guest of Whitley Streiber, and his latest appearance is broadcast from Sat 22 August 2009.  It will be available for 2 weeks from that date for non-subscribers to Unknown Country.  For subscribers Andrew has also done a special interview.  From Unknown Country:


This is one of the most important and valuable Dreamlands ever to be produced on the crop circle phenomenon. 2009 is the most intense crop circle season in history, and Andrew Collins is out with an astonishing new book that explores not only what they are but, more importantly, how we can contact the circlemakers and make use of the information and energy they have to offer.

It starts with the catastrophe, now supported by ever-stronger scientific evidence, that happened 12,600 years ago and was first suggested by Andrew in his book the Gods of Eden in 1998. From there it moves into the mysteries of ancient sites like the oldest known human habitation, Gobleki Tepi, in Turkey.

The adventure continues into the realm of conscious energy and how it may be influencing life on earth, and human evolution in particular.

High adventure with Andrew Collins and Whitley Strieber. Don’t miss it!

Andrew Collins interviewed on

Andrew Collins has done an interview for  Some interesting stuff in there, including some early biographical information about how he got into this crazy stuff in the first place.  Note this is a text interview, not audio.


Part 1 is here:

Part 2 is here:

Psychic Questing Weekender – Facebook Event

For those of you who use the Social Networking site Facebook, I’ve created an event for this year’s Psychic Questing Weekender.  It could be a good way of getting all those attending (who are on Facebook) in touch pre-conference and help with logistics (sharing lifts, etc.) or just suss out who else will be coming.  Here’s the link, hope it’s useful: 

The Ahqulieah Chronicles, The Flight of the Eagle

The Ahqulieah Chronicles, The Flight of the EagleSince spotting an advertisement for her first book, The Sacred Quest, in a Sunday paper a couple of years ago, I have been mesmerised by Louise Langley’s one-woman revolution.

Louise is a human vortex of energy with music, workshops, TV appearances and video diaries all materialising in her wake. She has now just published her second book titled “The Ahqulieah Chronicles, The Flight of the Eagle” which once again tells the story of a woman trying to break out of her conventional role in society into a more spiritual space, of the conflict between the head and the heart that this creates and of the adventure that ensues when she exits the mainstream and follows the latter.

Like Yeats I wonder, “How do we know the dancer from the dance”? How much of the power is in observing the whirling dervish dance that Louise spins out. But this book gives us a snapshot of a point on the trajectory and details the progress made to date and delivers an insight into a more spiritual way of living that I believe is about to become a more commonplace occurrence. You can order it now from Louise’s website here: The Ahqulieah Chronicles

If you are a writer, either for others or simply for yourself, then to learn how to tap into this source you should definitely check out Louise’s “Write from the Heart” course.

You will be hearing a lot more about Louise’s movements in the future on but in the meantime these represent the best way of sampling some of that special Sacred Quest energy.


The Book of English Magic

I received notification about this extremely interesting book via the Contact Us button. [Good to see that folk are already making use of it but if you really want to increase the spped and certainty of getting something mentioned on then register and use the Quick Links to submit your own news items.] I will endeavour to find out some more about it but in the meantime here is the backgrounder from one of the authors.

The Book of English Magic - Cover

The Book of English Magic is a 562 page hardback book which will be published by John Murray on 11th June 2009.

The image of the magician is exciting and tantalising, and familiar to us all. Think of Merlin or Gandalf and we think of excitement, mystery and adventure. But what do we feel or even know about real magicians – those figures who throughout history have practiced the kind of magic that for centuries was a forbidden art?

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Details of Psychic Questing Weekender 2009 Announced!

This was undoubtedly one of the Questing highlights of last year. Those of you who read my review will know that I was so buzzed up after it I actually got a speeding ticket (and I’m usually described as driving like a 90-year old granny). Anyway, details have been anounced by Andrew Collins of the plans for this year’s event. Make sure you get in there quickly as places are very limited.

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Adam McLean: Exploring Alchemical Emblems

I’m a big fan of Adam McLean’s work and I have his Alchemical Emblems Foundation course which I’d highly recommend. He has sent word that a complementary study course is now available. Here is what he says:

“My study course on Exploring Alchemical Emblems is now available on CD-Rom. To a great extent it complements my Foundation study course on Alchemical Symbolism. It consists of a series of twenty four audio visual presentations for the Windows operating system, approximately five to ten minutes long. The total running time for the entire course is about three and a half hours, with 210 megabytes of data on the disc.

In each of these presentations, you are guided through an emblem by my commentary. The software zooms into areas and explores each emblem in exhaustive detail. The commentary teases out all the puzzling components of the emblem, providing you with insights into how emblems were structured and the narrative or message they contain.

If you were to study a presentation each week, you should, at the end of six months, have become very familiar with the ways in which the alchemists presented their ideas in emblematic form.

The course provides penetrating insights into the obscurities of these elaborate alchemical emblems. It does not repeat the standard, boring, simplistic, vague, new-age esoteric interpretations, but instead forensically examines the structure of the emblems and allows us to see again the original intention of their creators. Each emblem is looked at in its own proper context.

These emblems are among the great treasures of the alchemical tradition.

One need not merely admire them for their delightful form, but through this course come to see what they mean.

Just go to this page for information and a short sample.”

Temple Booklet # 13

Catching up on some old stories here that got queued behind the website makeover…

First off (and still the most current edition) is The Temple Booklet Issue 13. This edition contains the following articles:

  • The Real Treasure Chest of Tradition, Philip Gardiner.
  • Love, Magick and the Tree of Life, Gordon Strong.
  • Gwyn ap Nudd: A First and Frame Deity, Angelika Heike Rüdiger.
  • The Cameley Head, Juliet Faith

Always worth a read, you can find more details by clicking here.