Details of Psychic Questing Weekender 2009 Announced!

This was undoubtedly one of the Questing highlights of last year. Those of you who read my review will know that I was so buzzed up after it I actually got a speeding ticket (and I’m usually described as driving like a 90-year old granny). Anyway, details have been anounced by Andrew Collins of the plans for this year’s event. Make sure you get in there quickly as places are very limited.

As promised, we have the second Psychic Questing Weekender coming up later this year. The venue is, as before, the Village Hall (a.k.a. “The Social Centre”), in High Street, Avebury (opposite the Anglican church of St James), and the dates are Saturday, 19th September and Sunday 20th September. This year’s event will include a master class on psychic questing techniques, including understanding and utilizing your own personal universe to work outside the constrains of accepted reality.

More than this, I will use the event to exclusively showcase the mystical side of the story told in Beneath the Pyramids. It is a story involving sufi mystics, dreams, visions and the appearance of the odd artefact or two. All of it relates to future work discovering Giza’s lost underworld.

Since 2009 sees the 30th anniversary of the Green Stone affair, I will reveal brand new evidence regarding the historical perspective of the mystical world in which the Green Stone was alleged to have existed at the beginning of the seventeenth century. Moreover, there will be a chance for everyone to take part in an upcoming 30th anniversary visit to some of the key sites in question in the hope of furthering our knowledge of the subject.

Admission to the weekend event, which, like last year, will include a co-ordinated artefact retrieval, as well as meditations out in the Avebury landscape, will cost £25. Click here now for registration. Remember, there is limited space, so make sure you don’t miss out.


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