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In Memorium, Bernard.

Anyone familiar with Andrew Collins’ psychic-questing publications will have heard of Bernard, quite possibly the most talented direct-information psychic that Andrew has ever worked with.  He is most well known to us from The Black Alchemist books and The Seventh Sword, but he also produced a great deal of other information which has enormously influenced the directions of Andrew Collins work, including the finding of the cave complex at Giza.


Sadly, Bernard died in his sleep at 01:30 on Tuesday 30 March 2010 at the age of 70.  He is survived by his wife, daughter and grandchildren.  You can read Andrew Collins’ tribute to him here:

Paul Weston has also written a piece about Bernard on his Avalonian Aeon blog here, which has a fantastic painting by Bernard adorning it:

As he ascends through the Empyrean Realms, let everyone who reads this raise a glass to this extraordinary man.

Discovery of Giza Underground Cave System on YouTube!

Andrew Collins has put together a short YouTube video that  provides the first glimpse of Giza’s cave underworld first recorded on March 3rd, 2008:

Fascinating stuff.  You can leave any comments and rate the video, and join the TeamHanash channel so that you’ll hear when the next video is released.  If you haven’t already read it, Andrew Collins’ website has the story of its discovery.  Click on News and scroll down – there is plenty on it, but I’d start by scrolling down to the Earthquest News for August 2009 (vol. 12, no.2).

Andrew Collins on Whitley Streiber’s Dreamlands

Andrew Collins is a reasonably frequent guest of Whitley Streiber, and his latest appearance is broadcast from Sat 22 August 2009.  It will be available for 2 weeks from that date for non-subscribers to Unknown Country.  For subscribers Andrew has also done a special interview.  From Unknown Country:


This is one of the most important and valuable Dreamlands ever to be produced on the crop circle phenomenon. 2009 is the most intense crop circle season in history, and Andrew Collins is out with an astonishing new book that explores not only what they are but, more importantly, how we can contact the circlemakers and make use of the information and energy they have to offer.

It starts with the catastrophe, now supported by ever-stronger scientific evidence, that happened 12,600 years ago and was first suggested by Andrew in his book the Gods of Eden in 1998. From there it moves into the mysteries of ancient sites like the oldest known human habitation, Gobleki Tepi, in Turkey.

The adventure continues into the realm of conscious energy and how it may be influencing life on earth, and human evolution in particular.

High adventure with Andrew Collins and Whitley Strieber. Don’t miss it!

Andrew Collins interviewed on

Andrew Collins has done an interview for  Some interesting stuff in there, including some early biographical information about how he got into this crazy stuff in the first place.  Note this is a text interview, not audio.


Part 1 is here:

Part 2 is here:

Alchemy Lectures at University of Plymouth

The Peninsula Arts School is putting on a series of free lectures at the University of Plymouth entitled "Alchemy: the Art and Science of Transformation". The lectures are every Tuesday evening at 6.30pm in the Plymouth Lecture Theatre in the Portland Square Building on the plymouth campus of the university, from 7 February to 4 April.

Click on the full story for list of lectures…

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Andrew Collins talks to NetTalkUK

From Andrew Collins website: Just to let you know that Andrew Collins will be live with online radio station Net Talk this Friday, 30 September at 11pm. The presenter is Ross Hemsworth, the show is called ‘Now That’s Weird’, and Andew will be talking about psychic questing, shamanism and the human mind It should be a lively affair, and so if you can take time out to have a listen … Continue reading