The Ahqulieah Chronicles, The Flight of the Eagle

The Ahqulieah Chronicles, The Flight of the EagleSince spotting an advertisement for her first book, The Sacred Quest, in a Sunday paper a couple of years ago, I have been mesmerised by Louise Langley’s one-woman revolution.

Louise is a human vortex of energy with music, workshops, TV appearances and video diaries all materialising in her wake. She has now just published her second book titled “The Ahqulieah Chronicles, The Flight of the Eagle” which once again tells the story of a woman trying to break out of her conventional role in society into a more spiritual space, of the conflict between the head and the heart that this creates and of the adventure that ensues when she exits the mainstream and follows the latter.

Like Yeats I wonder, “How do we know the dancer from the dance”? How much of the power is in observing the whirling dervish dance that Louise spins out. But this book gives us a snapshot of a point on the trajectory and details the progress made to date and delivers an insight into a more spiritual way of living that I believe is about to become a more commonplace occurrence. You can order it now from Louise’s website here: The Ahqulieah Chronicles

If you are a writer, either for others or simply for yourself, then to learn how to tap into this source you should definitely check out Louise’s “Write from the Heart” course.

You will be hearing a lot more about Louise’s movements in the future on but in the meantime these represent the best way of sampling some of that special Sacred Quest energy.


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