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Exclusive interview with questing psychic Carole Young

A brand new exclusive interview with Bega and the Sacred Ring psychic Carole Young is now available on Alex Langstone’s Esoteric Explorer – the Psychic Questing Blog The interview includes interesting social history snippets from the early days of Earthquest, along with Carole’s own views on psychic questing today.

Lincoln Cathedral /Holy Graal – latest evidence

Hi there yet again! The lastest installment of relentless author Dan Green’s efforts to prove that the Grail – most probably the secret documents of Mary Magdalene – remain at a pin-pointed location within the precincts of the Gothic Cathedral at Lincoln can be found at: Dan, we learn, this very week is in the process of having the Cathedral aligned and orientated by maths,geometry and astronomy to endevour to prove a scientific connexion with the dogstar Sirius, which would go some way to further corroborating his work, a mild compensation for the Cathedral reneging on their original decision to allow a GPR scan at the site.


Paul Weston News

A few quick updates from Paul Weston, tying in with the recent release of his book Mysterium Artorius.

Firstly, he is appearing at one of the Avalon Rising events at LaLune cafe in Glastonbury where he will be giving a 45 minute talk on the book and then signing copies afterwards. This is taking place at 19:00 on Thursday 24th January, 2008 (this coming Thursday!) More details on Avalon rising’s site here:

If you can’t make that, then you can still hear Paul speak courtesy of a recent podacst of Geoff Ward’s Mysterious West programme. The download can be found via this link:

Lastly, to get a flavour of the book online, check out Paul’s own website here: There are three previews available right now and a fourth scheduled to be released very soon.

Sauniere Model Represents…Lincoln!

Just before his death, Saunière commissioned the construction of a three-dimensional model map depicting, on the face of it, Jerusalem.

Researcher AndrĂ© Douzet has previously suggested that the maquette actually shows Rennes-Le-Château (see here for an extract from his book which gives an overview of his thinking with regards the model: ).

However, Callum Jensen (aka The Green Dan) has now ingeniously argued that the model can be much more convincingly shown to represent Lincoln. Read Callum’s full article here:

Lincoln – the New Jerusalem ?

Close followers of developments concerning ‘The Lincoln Cathedral Da Vinci Code’ may be interested in Lincoln now staking a claim for being the New Jerusalem. For further details view: . Developments are coming thick and fast! This recent update will pave the way for what will be next… revealing the true location – in Lincolnshire – of Douzet’s famous model map maquette.

Best, Dan Green (Callum Jensen)

The Templars’ head and the Templecombe panel painting revealed

Hello there! You’ve featured my work in the past – The Lincoln Cathedral Da Vinci Code (an actual Code at the Gothic Cathedral) and how it amalgamates with the parchments and mystery of Rennes-le-Chateau…I’d like now if you could share my latest findings which reveals the head the Knights Templar held secret, and the puzzling Panel painting at Templecombe, Somerset, which held the clue. Please visit the feature at:

[Webmaster’s note – I love the punchline to this story – you’ll have to read the article above to find out what I mean.  Also for a recap of all "Dan Green’s" investigations to date you should definitely check out the "17 Questions with Dan Green" article on Andy Gough’s website – ]


Back Issues of Lighthouse for sale on eBay

Just to highlight two items of interest to psychic questers currently on ebay there are two back issues of Lighthouse magazine currently up for sale on eBay.

The links are here:

Lighthouse Vol2, No.1

Lighthouse No.2

Highlights include the infamous psychic questing article "The Feast of Atargatis: (Four Go Mad at Brean Down)" by Paul Weston and some additional psychic material that has had to be left out of Alex Langstone’s new "Spirit Chaser" book due to editorial constraints.

Happy bidding!