A little bit more detail on the Standing Stones conference that I mentioned in the forums here:

Andrew Collins has provided a sneak preview of the fascinating topics that he will be covering in his talk. Read on for more details… UNRAVELLING THE STELLAR CODE



When did humanity’s fascination with the stars begin? Palaeolithic cave art in Western Europe as much as 17,000 years old shows a key star group in highly abstract form. It was a connection made and never forgotten, as is evidenced from the recent discovery of the world’s earliest stone temple in South-east Turkey, built around 11,500 years ago. It is aligned to the same stars that were recognised as important by their Palaeolithic ancestors in Western Europe thousands of years beforehand. It is found also, some 6,000 years later, among ancient wonders of the ancient world such as Egypt’s Great Pyramid and Britain’s Avebury monument. Both reflect specific stellar influences, unquestionably incorporated into their original design.

It did not end here, either, for the passage of the same stars is marked by key temples in India, China, Mexico and Peru. It is a theme found also among the gigantic earthen mounds and structures built by the native peoples of North America. Again and again, ancient and sacred monuments were designed to reflect the influence of one particular star group, which features heavily in ancient cosmologies worldwide. They record how life came from this area of the sky, and would return here in death. For the first time, Andrew Collins will unravel an age-old mystery that threatens to turn on its head everything we thought we knew about the influence of the stars on the emergence of religion and mythology.

‘an intellectual adventure … Andrew Collins … takes readers into deepest, darkest caves in search of the sound of the universe. He makes a compelling case for Palaeolithic CERNs, and shows that knowledge of subtle astronomical events is necessary to understand human prehistory’

- Jeremy Narby, author of THE COSMIC SERPENT

Andrew Collins is a popular writer of history, archaeology and science. For over 30 years he has explored the relationship between archaic religious beliefs and the cosmos, examining the origins of human civilization, the development of technology and the inspirations behind magic and religion. His discoveries have led to several thought provoking books that challenge the way we think about the past. Andrew is also the organiser of the Questing Conference, Britain’s premier event on revisionist history, forbidden archaeology and ancient wisdom. Born in 1957, he lives with his wife Sue in Essex.

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