Hermetic Systems Fractal Time Software

During the course of my research into Novelty Theory (for the relevance of this keep reading!), I came across mention of a software program called "Fractal Time" written by Peter Meyer of Hermetic Systems. This allows you to graph the level of Novelty through any particular date range. Peter has kindly made this software publicly available again on Hermetic Systems’ website http://www.hermetic.ch/frt/frt.htm and, if you are interested in Terence McKenna or the Theory of Novelty, it is an essential resource. I’ve added a link to Hermetic Systems’ website in the Links section as well. As an aside, Peter has also produced some software for handling Mayan Calendrics too. The reason why I have been looking at Novelty theory is that I’ve been looking at co-opting it into my embryonic Theory of Ambiguity (see this forum thread for more background). If, as McKenna suggests, the universe does not tend towards entropy but rather towards complexification, then when I create a number of possible states for the wavicle to collapse into (Ambiguity Theory) then it may be that an innate force of nature will help push it to collapse into the most novel state available (Novelty Theory). This would be clearly highly desirous to questers or magicians or indeed anyone wanting to "mould" material reality a little. By the way, I highly recommend Lorenzo’s 5 part (and growing!) series of Terence McKenna podcasts titled "In the Valley of Novelty" over at Matrix Mastsers – http://www.matrixmasters.com/podcasts/ .

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