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Can anyone see a face depicted on these orbs?

Hi. I went to St Nectan’s Glen recently and took a lot of pictures. Some had orbs and some didn’t. There is one picture that I find very strange. It is exactly the same photograph but taken twice. At the bottom of the picture there seems to be a smokey presence. I know that there was no smoke around me at all. And in the other picture that smokey presence is not to be seen. Strange but true. In the other pictures that I took you can clearly see a face inside the orb. To be quite honest it doesn’t look that pretty. It looks like half man, half beast. Thats my perception I will let you judge for yourselves. Anyway observe and see for yourself. Regards.

[Note from admin:  you can see Richard’s photographs here –]


Gwyn – New Glastonbury Book by Yuri Leitch

‘GWYN – Ancient god of Glastonbury and key to the Glastonbury Zodiac’ is the title of the important new book by researcher, quester and contributor to these forums, Yuri Leitch.

In the book Yuri traces the appearance, rise and fall of Gwyn through the ages taking in evidence from the historical, mythical and archaeological record.

The book is available in a limited, signed and numbered edition from Temple Publications at their site here:

Not content with writing his debut book, the prolific Yuri has also contributed an article on the Somerset Parallelogram to Issue No. 10 of The Temple booklet.

Congratulations, Yuri, and best of luck with the new book.

Black Alchemist Sighted on

As many of you will know from the forum posts, the Black Alchemist has launched his own microsite on

Featuring photos of Black Alchemist artefacts, background articles and FAQs the site also contains details of the new "remastered" version of the classic psychic questing book which Andrew Collins plans to release on the 16 October 2007 (to coincide with the 20th anniversary of the Great Storm.

The main site URL is but the RSS feed link is also probably worth saving so that you will automatically be notified of any updates –

All in all a thoroughly entertaining site and a very clever way to publicise an upcoming book.

New Website – Spectral Light

I’ve just been notified by Paolo Sammut of the Spectral Light website which he and Karen Wosley have been busy putting together. It focusses on the use of magic in both questing and paranormal investigation and already contains much of interest and which has the potential to develop further into an essential questing resource.

The website is here: and I’ll put a link to it in the Links section for future reference as well.

Thanks, Paolo!

Elen of the Ways Workshop with Caroline Wise

Here’s one for your diaries: Caroline Wise who, as a Priestess of the Goddess, has worked regularly with Isis, Sekhmet, Elen and Bride in London for eighteen years is holding a one day "workshop" revolving around Elen. The day will be experiential with illustarted talks, visualisation exercises and divination, exploring through this representative of the spirit of the land and the paths between landscape, myth and mind.

The event will be held at Treadwellls Bookshop in Covent Garden, London on Sunday 6th May 2007.

Caroline will also be running another two events one of which will be an Earth Mysteries Moot on St Michael’s Day in central London.

More details to follow…

Secondhand Psychic Questing Books

Andrew Collins is obviously clearing out his house in preparation for the new year. He’s putting up for sale a large portion of his own library consisting of essential Earth Mysteries, Archaeology, Ancient History, Folklore and Mysticism reference books (many marked with Andrew’s own research notes).

The whole lot can be viewed on Richard Ward’s ManMythMagic site here:

On Andrew’s own site, he’s dropped the price on his psychic questing backcatalogue by 20%. I’m sure I was beaten for some of those old Earthquest news newsletters on eBay a couple of years ago at prices much higher than listed on Andrew’s website – so this looks a real bargain.

Again the full list can be found here:

Greg Little Articles

The always engaging Greg Little has had a couple of articles published which tie in with Andrew Collins’ recently-released The Cygnus Mystery.

The first, entitled "Has Andrew Collins Found the Entrance to the Hall of Records at Giza?" appears in Alternate Perceptions Magazine #106, while the second, "Have We Been Duped by the Supposed Correspondence Between Orion’s Belt and the Three Pyramids of Giza?", features in the subsequent edition of the same magazine.

Cara Louise Books

Finally, after months of deleting robot-submitted porn links, I have an unsolicited link that looks genuinely interesting. Many thanks to Cara Lousie for sending details of her fascinating website featuring books for children whose stories include elements of Psychic Questing (amongst other esoteric themes).

The website link is:

Click on the "Read More…" link to find out more details of Cara Louise’s site or access it via the "Web Links" section of this site.

If anyone has read any of the books it would be great to get a review posted. Continue reading