A dedicated team of amateur super sleuths and religious detectives has finally broken the codes of the Da Vinci secrets and the Holy Grail. A team of 9 researchers including Duncan Burden from Priory Publications in Lowestoft, are about to launch a revolutionary book that will rewrite the fundamental foundation of all religions, revealing and authenticating the most important secret in the history of creation. Combining restricted religious documents, historical artifacts and a trail of coded evidence, this book will assist the readers to discover for themselves the hidden key that will unlock the mystery of the Holy Grail. Intrigue and speculation has surrounded the book, Maranatha, due for release 29th October 2005. This book will unveil true historical facts linked to a series of encoded clues, for within its pages there is a secret, which has been protected for more than a thousand years by some of the most powerful people in the world. The value of this prize has cost the lives of many who have strayed in its path, for it is the key to the greatest treasures known to the world. The first person to break the coded sections will not only release this revelation to the world but also receive £1,000,000 in prize money. Duncan Burden, co-author of the book, said at a recent interview, “as a member of the research team, which included a Catholic and an Anglican Priest, having access to material not openly available to the general public, whilst investigating a particular artifact we actually uncovered what we had all been searching for, for over a decade.” When asked about the discovery Mr. Burden went on to say, “It was an incredible moment when we found the answer to all our questions, finally years of searching had paid off. We wanted to get this historical secret out to the general public and toyed with various ways of doing it but eventually decided on creating a kind of puzzle book. Finding the answer was just as important as the quest to find it, although we understood the connotations this revelation would have and the shock waves it would create throughout all religions worldwide.” Speculation has survived a thousand years and Maranatha is not offering theory, it is serving up fact in large doses. Any one can win the prize money without prior knowledge of the subject matter, history, the Da Vinci Code or any of the speculative theories surrounding the Holy Grail. All the clues are in the pages of the book. This prize is designed to be won, and claimed, and for the secret of the ‘Key’ to be, at last, released to the public. To ensure that someone will succeed, clues will be given on the Maranatha website, until the secret is out, and upon that hour the world can look in the sacred casket and finally learn of what has been kept hidden for centuries. Maranatha goes on general release on 29th October and is available online now from All press enquiries are to be directed to Gary Beet at Dynamite Creative Ltd – + 44 (0)845 600 8286.

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