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This is the website for everything relating to Psychic Questing.

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Although much of the working of the site is self-explanatory, the following paragraphs attempt to explain a little how you can best use the site and why I’ve chosen to include certain information.

The site logo shows a grail radiating four beams of light: each of the beam represents a strand within the site.

Psychic Questing Icon The first strand is a straightforward Psychic Questing theme focusing primarily on the activity of Psychic Questing as epoused, undertaken and reported by Andrew Collins, Graham Phillips and others. As there is currently quite an upsurge of interest in Questing, I have attempted to bring together all the key texts into a Bibliography/Library of sorts. I have tried to be as comprehensive as possible so that all known editions are listed but obviously there are (and will be!) gaps. The library can be accessed using the menu option on the top of the page. 

Miscellaneous Info Icon The second strand is general material that, while not directly related to Psychic Questing, would hopefully still be of interest to viewers of this website. There is no strict rationale as to what gets included but any material that could provide useful reference material on a Quest is fair game; as is anything that might entertain or amuse.
Miscellaneous material of this type is represented by this icon.

The Icon Trail Icon The third beam represents my own personal Quest which I refer to as “The Icon Trail”. Obviously anything in this category runs the risk of being totally meaningless to outside viewers but I’ve decided to include because it has the potential to become a full-on Psychic Quest in the classic sense mentioned above and in any event it may be of interest as a “work in progress”. As I add more and more information, hopefully the direction of The Icon Trail will become much clearer. Items relating to The Icon Trail are marked with this icon.

As for the fourth beam…well, that may reveal itself in due course.

In parallel to the articles and reference material is a Forum area where members of the Questing community can swap information and generally help each other out. So much material is thrown up in the course of a Quest that it is impossible for one person to understand all the content. The interent is the ideal tool to get many minds working on the problems and I hope that the Forum approach will facilitate this.

Lastly, the thing I need most to make this an even more valuable reference is feedback. What have I got wrong? What works? What doesn’t work? What’s interesting? What’s not? If, as I hope, this site becomes a meeting place for those engaged in the pursuit of Questing, it will become so by your efforts – not mine!

If you are new to the world of Psychic Questing you should probably check out the FAQs first (which include attempts to answer the tricky question “What is Psychic Questing”).

At the moment there are very few areas that you cannot get into as a guest user. However, I do urge you to register as there will be members-only goodies in the future and you cannot post (although you can view) to the Forums as a visitor.

If you have something to sell, promote or advertise that relates (directly or indirectly) to psychic questing, please feel free to use the relevant forums.

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