For Members of the Old Site

Welcome to the revamped!

As a registered user of the previous site there is some important login information that you need to know so please keep reading. 

I’m gald that you have come back to see the new site and I hope you like what you see. My aim has been to provide an easy transition for existing users from the old web site so that you can pretty much pick up from where you left off.  Much of the structure and content (and even the styling) should be familiar to you. However, apart form looking a whole lot prettier, the new system which sits behind the scenes and powers the site is very much more powerful and allows the rapid expansion of content and functionality in the future.

Some of the modules which were present in the old site haven’t yet been migrated (and some never will be!)  The most important of these is the Questing Library and this is first on my list once the site itself goes live.  After that I will probably revisit the Gallery idea and see if we can bring that alive some more.  I will also be making some important announcements regarding the running of the website and very quickly expect to introduce new features and even a competition.

Now for the bad news…as security and protection of our members details are a high priority here at, your password on the old site was encrypted before being stored.  I never got to see what it was.  The new system is the same except that it uses an even more secure encryption mechanism.  What this means, though, is that I have not been able to take your old password across into the new system.

What has happened, therefore, is that you new password is the email address that you used to register with the site.  If you remember what that is, that’s great. But if you don’t remember simply use the “Forgot Your Password” link in the Member Login box to the left of the screen.  This will allow you to choose a new password.

If you experience any problems please use the “Contact Us” option to email me.

I apologise for this lack of continuity but hope you will agree that it is worth it for the benefits the new site brings.

Looking forward to a renewed burst of Activity on the site.

- Simon

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