The Green Stone Fund

The Green Stone Fund


Many of you will have heard that, following the sad death of Marion Sunderland, some unique and important questing artefacts have come up for auction including the Green Stone,aka the Meonia Stone, and the brass casket in which it was found at the Swan’s Neck on the River Avon in Worcestershire in 1979.

Unfortunately, this situation means that these precious artefacts are now in danger of being lost to a private collector and being taken out of the questing community.

A consortium comprising of some of the biggest names in psychic questing led by Andrew Collins, and supported by Graham Phillips, has been assembled and their resources pooled.  Andrew and his consortium have managed to gather a substantial amount of money towards the sale.

However, as the price is still rising it is becoming increasingly more difficult to keep up with the bids. Thus to ensure that they secure the future of these items for the questing community they are appealing to the members of for financial support, and accordingly have set up The Green Stone Fund which is now open to accept donations.
First let me be totally up front about what you will *not* receive when you donate:

*You will not become part of the bidding consortium. Nor will you receive any entitlement or claim to the artefacts, their location or their availability.*  Just to make that absolutely clear, donating will not confer any ownership, of any kind, upon the donor.

This might sound harsh but it’s the truth and when you think about it anything else would be a logistical nightmare.

HOWEVER, what anyone who donates £50, or more if they wish, *will* be entitled to (apart from good karma and the satisfaction of seeing the artefacts retained within the Questing community) is the chance to attend a special one-off, all-day event in the vicinity of the Swan’s Neck in Worcestershire where Andrew Collins and special guests associated with the Green Stone/Meonia story will host a series of talks and meditations on the Green Stone.  As part of this, all attendees will get the opportunity to have a one-on-one session with the artefacts.

It is the Questing Consortium’s intention that the artefacts be kept within the Questing community, in order that they might be employed in future quests or power attunements at sacred sites throughout the UK, and also be made available at public events.

As you can imagine this in itself is a unique and exciting opportunity but it will only be possible if everyone contributes and the Questing Consortium regains ownership of the items.  So please, if you can afford £50 click on the PayPal button on the top left of the screen.

Please note that when you donate the money via PayPal *it will be held in a pending status*.  Only in the event of a successful bid will I actually accept the payment.  Should the bid fail then I simply refuse the payment and it will automatically be returned to you.  Unfortunately if I accept the payment from a Credit/Debit Card, PayPal strips off a 3.4% fee (unless anyone can find a way around this) so if you can make your payment at least £51.70 to cover this credit card fee it would be much appreciated.  Assuming that the bid is successful we will need a way to contact you so please make sure to add your name and either an email address or telephone number in the comments field of the PayPal form (unless of course you wish to remain entirely anonymous which will of course be respected).  Anyone who has trouble using PayPal but still wishes to contribute, please use the Feedback form or send me an email to .

It goes without saying that failing to secure these items, which form the foundation point of the modern revival in psychic questing, will be disastrous for everyone, since they will be lost to the subject forever. It is up to you to get behind Andrew and those who originally found these items to make this a success story that will become a part of history.

Heartfelt thanks for your Support, Questing Consortium

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