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    Inspired by just reading in the encyclopedia about ‘Philp k Dick’,

    He described his initial visions as laser beams and geometric patterns, and occasionally brief pictures of Jesus and ancient Rome,

    In questing we are mostly interested in ‘direct’ psychic perception, names and dates etc, things that can be checked and verified. Reading about laser beams and geometric patterns reminded me of a ‘weird one’ that happened to me around 1995.

    Midsummers night, went to Merlins Cave at Tintagel with Ricahrd Ward, Sean York and a my then girlfriend… we tried to call up Merlin (as you do :? )

    It was quite a night, but I encountered being ‘downloaded’ in a non specific way. My mind was full of images, scrolls, books, papers… images of South American step pyramids with secret doors opening then slamming shut; opening then slamming shut; opening then slamming shut… meanwhile super imposed over the vision were ‘geometric shapes’ (I hate maths so geometry doesnt click with me) so simply I saw, spirals, spining wheels, cobwebs, designs circular and rotating… super imposed again over more falling books and papers…!

    It took my friends a long time to drive home to Truro because I was the only one who knew the way; but my download wouldnt allow me to focus on the here and now, at best all I could do was stare at the street lights as they past by…. I dont do drugs, this was sober.

    Sometimes still, I can see spirals and circular patterns moving against the inside of my eyelids when I’m tired or floating off to sleep.

    I do consider it a ‘download’ but of what? And I cannot access whatever it is, I just assume that if its meant to come ‘into’ my conscious mind it will if it wants to…. I dont feel its a possession of another spirit, just a download of non specific data.

    Has anyone else experienced similar?


    Hey Yuri,

    That sounds quite wild. I’ve had two dreams that share some of the same experiences. In the first dream I had a flash of insight that if you took a sideways schematic of the Giza pyramids (like this one [url:9pz54tz9][/url] but with all the extra false chambers, passages, etc.) and overlaid it on the correct hieroglyphic text, then the chambers would highlight words and the passages would show the order in which the words must be read. Thus effectively they form some kind of massive decoding system!

    The second (which was some years earlier) was another dream fragment in which I am sitting in my mother’s family’s holiday house and looking out the window when my perception undergoes a sudden and dramatic shift and the grass and bushes that I am looking at outside suddenly turn into something out of a radical impressionist painting. But nastier and more like shards of broken glass than, say, Van Gogh’s paintings. I suddenly think to myself “Oh God, I’ve become schizophrenic.” This left a residual perceptual blip and even still sometimes if I’m looking at a large field with grass blowing gently and the spiders’ webs catching the sunlight, I get that weird, overwhelming shift in perception when the slashes of silver leap out and the whole scene becomes “jagged”.

    Your description also makes me think of similar depictions by psychonauts such as McKenna and Pinchbeck. Here is Pinchbeck on DMT: “When I smoked DMT, I found that I completely lost contact with this reality, and entered another dimension or realm that seemed fully convincing, yet almost overwhelming in its otherness. The best I could describe this other realm was “Tibetan mandalas meets Disney World in the Twenty-Fifth Century” – it seemed simultaneously geometric, hyper-organic, hyperreal.”

    Try searching on “DMT Elves” or “Fractal Elves”!


    Interesting experience. The geometric patterns sounds like it could be something like this:

    Thanks to modern scientific work with volunteers who are given hallucinogens and whose experiences are studied, we know the typical visionary sequence begins with patterns and geometrical forms – dots, dashes, zig-zag lines – and gradually begins to turn into a fuller sense of altered reality

    That’s from Graham Hancock’s interview in Issue 2 of Sub Rosa Magazine, p34-5 (available from The Daily Grail). It should still be available if you’re interested. It seems that our ancient ancestors painted these geometric visions (as well as their visions of otherworld beings) on cave walls. Which is why I wonder if you’re seeing something similar, as spirals are also a common neolithic motif.

    Is there a difference between a download and an intuitive flash? I’ve experienced moments of insight following a ritual or meditation. I did have a reasonably ‘dramatic’ experience after the first time I tried a meditation using the 7-circuit labrynth. I woke at 1am to find everything in the room glowing with different colours, which quickly wore off, but the atmosphere felt like it was buzzing, alive, my brain felt like it was being cooked, keeping me awake for hours. During this time I had an insight into a connection between the 7-circuit labrynth and the myth of the Descent of Ishtar/Inanna. However, this insight wasn’t visionary like your pyramids, scrolls and patterns.



    Fascinating isnt it.

    So much of our thought processing is restricted into the barriers of our language and alphabet sytems… as this is how we have become used to communicating. But if you could go back in time, to source, before alphabets were constructed; how would our minds evaluate ‘input’… the spirals I saw were probably the same spirals percieved by our neolithic ancestors; primordeal, pre-alphabet data.

    how does the mind percieve and interpret other realities (outer, inner or parallel?) Some kind of mind altering is necessary or rather a ‘letting go’ of ‘normal reality’. with DMT, alchahol, mushrooms, rituals or by being in a cave at midnight on the cornish coast! lol

    Michael, I know this,

    I woke at 1am to find everything in the room glowing with different colours, which quickly wore off, but the atmosphere felt like it was buzzing, alive, my brain felt like it was being cooked, keeping me awake for hours.

    I usually experience similar, with flashing pin pricks of light around me (rather than Simon’s shards) it usually follows waking up after a vivid dream… or occaisionally I can experience this, ‘awake’ at some sacred sites.


    I often experience a quite hypnotic rotating spiral pattern on the back of my eyelids – during moments of relaxation, rather than altered states of consciousness (although I am also aware of the ‘entoptic’ geometric imagery associated with the onset of altered states).

    For me it’s a bit like this (but more busy and blurry): [url:1i8fg2in][/url]



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