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    Does anyone have any suggestions for a “finding” technique?
    The scenario I’m thinking about is that you’ve hit the “correct” general area but to find the sought object you need some more detailed guidance.

    A good (albeit humourous) example to my mind is the “Guide My Sword” scene in The Princess Bride where Inigo invokes the spirit of his dead father to guide his sword – temporarily turning the sword into a sort of psychic compass.

    But how about some genuine techniques that have worked for people in the past? Any ideas?




    I think I know why you’re asking this. I like that “Guide My Sword” method. All you need to do is bid on that Graham Phillips mini-Excalibur! It’s only 9 inches, but size doesn’t matter.

    If your bid fails then dowsing over a map using a pendulum has gotten results for some people. You can divide your map into segments and dowse each, then dowse any positive sections further. You can dowse on site as well, using whatever your preferred methods, pendulum, rods, entrails, etc.

    I think dowsing is good because it’s quite easy for anyone to do it. Trying to receive a vision is a lot harder. I’ve not dowsed for objects but in the past I’ve found pendulum dowsing remarkably good.

    If you know of a particular personality connected to the object you might also want to consider asking them to guide you, as with the Guide My Sword method. Not necessarily a full blown raising-the-dead-at-crossroads, I believe you can just call upon them. Or upon whatever otherworldly beings you feel may be helpful.

    Good luck. Michael


    :D wink: ).


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