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    This is a simple breathing/meditation technique that is as old as the hills. Most of you probably know it already but I was only taught it recently so I still have that excited-by-new-toy-and-want-to-tell-everyone vibe going on. (By the way children also seem to get into it very quickly – possibly because of the colours.)

    It’s called the Essene Breath (or Cleansing Breath or even Egg Breath although this last term sounds more like a class of oral pong) and it goes like this:

    Starting close to the body, imagine a band of the colour coming from underneath your heels and – as you breathe in – coming up the back of the body to the top of your head. Now hold your breath for a brief moment. Then exhale and at the same time take the colour over the top of your head and down the front of the body sweeping under the feet and joining up with the initial starting point of the colour to create a complete, unbroken loop of red around your body.

    Again imagine the colour Red but this time visualise it coming from under the right hand side of your feet. On the in breath it comes up the right hand side of your body, then pause, then bring it down the left side of your body with the out breath…making it join under your feet again.

    You should now be visualising yourself almost as an Easter Egg with red ribbon looping over you in an oval shape from back to front and from right to left. The ribbons of colour can then expand and merge if you want to create a complete “egg of red” around you.

    Moving the oval slightly out, you now imagine orange and breath up the back – pause – breath out down the front. The same again for right up to the head and down the left hand side. When finished you should now have an orange cross (or full egg) encasing the red one, encasing you.

    Each time you should move further out and continue breathing up the back and breathing out down the front and breathing up the right and down the left using all the colours, yellow, green, sky blue, indigo and violet.

    You can finish off with the golden/white light as the final, outer layer of the egg.

    (Tip o’ the hat to Mark the Healer for this one.)


    Thats a nice visualisation Simon, I had never heard it before… it has elements of yin/yang breathing from Chi Kung and Tai Chi but the colours is a nice addition.

    In chi breathing there are no fixed rules but only general principles, but generally, as you breathe in, yang/masculine energy rises up the spine to the top of the head, and the entire body expands outwards a little; and as you breathe out the yin/feminine energy sinks downwards to your tan tien (centre) and your entire body withdraws in a little your whole body expands and retracts with the breath… this is very tidal in and out whole body breathing, the motion is a bit like a jelly fish inflating and deflating with the breath… though this is very small, an onlooker might not even see your body alternate at all… its an internal sensation.


    The egg-breath sounds like a colourfull variation on the ‘Circulation of Light’ (a.k.a. circumambulation of light). This follows the same sort of pattern, up one side, down the other, then the front and back. It also has a movement where the light is visualised to start at the feet, and then spiral upwards and around the body until it reaches the crown of the head, wrapping one somewhat in the style of a mummy.



    I’ve been using a variation of the one we used to use at EarthQuest. I’ve actually typed it up and, if I can find it amongst the squillions of file on my computer, I’ll post it up here.

    I also use it on paranormal investigations, getting all those attending to visualise the same series of images, very effective in a group environment.

    Andy M.



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