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Ufos over Lincoln Cathedral on Magdalene day

Callum Jensen posts some more weirdness surrounding Lincoln Cathedral in a follow-up to the previous Lincoln Da Vinci Code story.  See this site: for more details and in case you need a reminder his main site is here: .  Thanks for the news Callum.  To anyone else who has similarly news-worthy material - please don’t be afraid to submit it.

Lincoln Cathedral grant GPR scan for Templar Treasure

As reported on the front and second page of the Lincolnshire Echo, July 14th, Lincoln Cathedral have agreed to allowing a GPR (ground penetrating radar) scan at a precise site at a burial grounds opposite SE corner of the Cathedral to search for the lost treasure of the Templars.The location has been deduced from research now referred to as ‘the Lincoln Da Vinci Code’ which was initiated in 2005 when a glazer accidently found a bizarre scene at the depiction of the Last Supper at the Great East Window. instead of either cup or loaf on Christ’s plattere, there is a dog! Local author and ex-tv researcher Callum Jensen has since announced a number of interlocking anomalies in and nearby, which, when amalgamated with the Rennes-le-Chateau Parchments and the bas-relief of the Magdalene at the RLC church, lead to the precise location – which has a marker tomb – that will be scanned, his work now contained in two available books. Amazing synchronicities abound in the LDVC particularly the fact that the name of the man who started all this Grail search is Henry LINCOLN, the fact that Hollywood was drawn to the Cathedral to shoot scenes for ‘The Da Vinci Code’, and the fact that the name on the marker tomb is the same as the QC who defended Baigent and Leigh in the London Courts against Dan Brown. Continue reading