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Major Website Re-vamp Planned has been running now for over four years and although specific pieces of functionality have been added (or, more rarely, removed), the overall structure and design hasn’t changed at all since day one.

To rectify this I am planning a major site revamp between now and the New Year. I have some fairly clear ideas about the design and structure of the new site (as well as some pretty exciting new content…but more on that another time) but I’m very eager to hear what you, the actual users of the site, enjoy, find frustrating, want to see more of, want to see less of…. I’m soliciting opinion on all aspects of the site – design, structure, content – even technical aspects for those techies amongst you.

It would help enormously if you posted your comments – the good, the bad, the ugly all gratefully accepted – in reply to this forum thread – that I’ve set up for the purpose of gathering feedback.

Many thanks for your support so far and hopefully with your assistance I can take the site to the next level.

‘The Sacred Quest’ Book

Here’s a marketing ploy I haven’t seen before – by buying (or pre-ordering to be precise) a copy of this new book on their website ( ) before the 30th September 2007, you become an Ether Founder Member. And then "once Ether Publishing and Ether Music Productions reach a certain size in terms of post tax profit, 10% of the company’s post tax profits will be made available to and distributed equally amongst the Founder Members. This will be gifted on an ongoing and annual basis in recognition of the support of the Founder Members’ participation in the instigation of the companies."

Whether this is likely to result in any actual money coming your way I leave to your judgement. I suspect that many of the contributors to this site know how hard the publishing business can be and that they can fairly accurately assess the chances of being part of a big breakthrough bestseller.

All that marketing hype aside, however, the book itself looks like an interesting proposition. In what sounds like a postmodern Celestine Prophecy, "[a]s [the author] begins to write the book in full and follows implicitly her intuition, so the book quite literally manifests into reality around her as remarkable twists occur."

This theme ties in with the recent speculation of alternative quantum physicists such as Goswami that consciousness creates the universe around itself – a theme which has been echoed by the likes of Daniel Pinchbeck (whom I quote in relation to this elsewhere on this site) and Michael Glickman ("Thoughts seem to be effecting reality more than before.") Of course, this has long been the speculation of psychic questers (for example see the comments by Andrew Collins and Richard Ward concerning the brass box and the swords in the pQ Interview) so there’s no surprises for us there. However, it is interesting to see the view become more mainstream and perhaps, like the Da Vinci code before it, this book will hit public consciousness at just the right moment.

Andrew Collins on Dreamland (gateway to Atlantis)

I picked this up recently from Whitley Strieber’s website. I haven’t had a chance to listen to it yet myself but it sounds interesting:

"In the year 2000, Andrew Collins published Gateway to Atlantis, proposing that the impact of a comet over the North America resulted in the end of the ice age 10,900 years ago, and destroyed Atlantis, an island empire in the Atlantic, in a single night.

Now, incredibly, corroboration has come from a group of scientists who have published in established scientific journals and written a book saying that the very disaster Andrew identified 7 years ago did indeed happen!"

For those of you who want to cut straight to the podcast the link is here: but they only stay up for a few weeks so you’ll need to download it relatively quickly.

Knights Templar Commemoration Event: Tickets Now Available

Oddvar Olsen at The Temple Booklet has been in touch to say that tickets are now available for the Knights Templar Commemoration event being held in Bristol on the 12-14th October.

The event, which starts on Friday evening and runs through until Sunday, features Yuri Leitch and Andrew Collins amongst its list of impressive speakers. Other familiar names (to this writer at least) include Paul Broadhurst, Tim Wallace-Murphy and Dr Helen Nicholson.

The timetable for the event is here: while extended information on the speakers and their topics can be found here:

This looks like being a fascinating weekend for anyone engaged in alternative studies but particularly for those with an interest in the Templars. Tickets and accomodation are likely to sell out quickly so potential attendees are encouraged to buy early.

Release of Bloodline the Movie Inches Ever Closer

The people at Bloodline the Movie continue their teaser marketing campaign (which I’m not at all convinced is deliberate but which has successfully piqued our interest here at The news section now has some very dramatic pictures which appear to be the main addition since I last looked at it. Well worth a look for anyone who is interested in Rennes-le-Chateau or Holy Blood, Holy Grail type intrigues.

As there seems every likelihood of more updates I have set up a forum post -> here <- and will keep this updated in future rather than using the front page. The forum post also contains a poll to see what you think of the film and its theme up to now – so get voting!

Andrew Collins on Dreamland and Coast to Coast AM

To tie in with the release of "The Cygnus Mystery" in the US, Andrew is appearing on a number of internet radio shows.

His next appearance is on Whitley Strieber’s Dreamland on Saturday 12th May. Once the show has been broadcast you should be able to get a podcast here: Do note that they only keep the last 4 weeks shows online so you’ll need to download prior to the 9th June (approximately).

Andrew also appeared on George Noory’s show last Monday to discuss the possible impact of the mysterious rays coming from Cygnus on the evolution of the human race. Andrew covered such topics as the Nephilim, DNA and the latest scientific discoveries regarding Cygnus.

The podcast from the show is hidden down a few levels but you should be able to get it directly from here:

More from the Bloodline Folk

Another update from the folk at Bloodline Productions. When I got the first link I visited their site and had neither technical issues nor requests to part with money so I’m not sure what they’re referring to below. Maybe there was a section of the site that I didn’t notice sitting behind a paywall. Anyway, perhaps another opportunity to check out the movie clips. What I saw looked 80% familiar and 20% fascinating (the recent finds in France – near Rennes-Le- Chateau?).

Here’s the full email:

"We thank those of you who have been to our site to view the clips from the film and apologize for any technical problems you may have had. We decided to remedy the situation by providing free access. That should alleviate any problems with viewing.

Please visit us at to see clips from *BLOODLINE*, now available for viewing at no cost. We do hope you enjoy them.

Thank you for your continuing interest. It is most appreciated.

Best wishes,

Bloodline Producers "

Bloodline Pt.2

The email says it all:

"Hi Everyone,

Just a quick follow-up email to say that there is an update on our news page. We have now revealed a photo with all of the contents of the wooden chest, which includes the glass vial, the ointment jar and a small conical cup.

There is also more detail on the analysis carried out at the British Museum, which has dated both objects from around the end of the 1st century BC to the 1st century AD—the time of Jesus and Mary Magdalene.

We have been told that these could be the actual objects used at their wedding. We’re tremendously excited about the find and will let you know more as our investigation continues.

Don’t forget to visit the CLIPS page on the site. After a few technical glitches in the first few days, everything now seems to be working well and your response has been fantastic.

Best Wishes,

The Producers"

Bloodline: The Movie

I must have signed up for this at some point – probably via Andy Gough’s website – although I don’t remember doing so. In any event it looks rather like a non-fiction version of "The Da Vinci Code" (not necessarily a bad thing but now running the risk of being stale) with the teaser of a possible underground crypt newly discovered.

The PR copy goes as follows: "We’re delighted to tell you that our website has been updated with a new trailer, new synopsis, new clips, and some of your comments to us.

We also have a new web address: .

Spread the word !


Rene Barnett Producer"

Anyway looks interesting and worth following so if I hear more I’ll post it. Anyone else know anything about it?